LISFL Memories

Meeting with Hank Steinbrecher, Rocco Avallone and Howad Rubenstein

LISFL Hall of Famer Orlando Byfield with Brazilian Legend Pelé in 1976


Rachel Fischman with Pelé at the rebirth of the NY Cosmos in 2013


LISFL Region I Gus Xikis Cup Winners 2021


Trophy presentation to Nicola Prudente of SS Cosma & Damiano SC 2021


LISFL 70th Anniversary Dinner with Board Members 


Gus Xikis with Rocco Avallone at MetLife Stadium suite for US National Team Game 2019


Gus Xikis and Rocco Avallone with EDSL representative Peter Pinori at MetLife Stadium 


2020 Indoor Tournament


USSF AGM in Arizona 2019


Night out with the ENYSSA delegate at the USSF AGM in 2019 


Meeting with USASA President John Motta, ENYSSA President Sal Rapaglia, NJSA Representatives, LISFL Representatives and ENYSRA in early 2019


LISFL United U-23 Team after winning the Gus Xikis Cup 2021


NYPD presenting LISFL President Rocco Avallone with their Team Jersey


ENYSSA Hall of Fame Induction of Rocco Avallone & Joseph Brosi in 2016


LISFL Delegate Meeting 2017


LISFL Board Members at 2017 Holiday Party




2016 College Point Flames


Moment of silence after the death of President Gus Xikis in 2020




Pele and Orlando Byfield 1979


2023 LISFL United U-23 Region 1 Finalist


2023 NY Irish Rovers U-23 Champions

2023 NY Irish Rovers U-23 Champions