Rapaglia Cup 2011


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The Annual Sal Rapaglia Champions cup will again be at:

 Flushing Meadow Park field #1 and #3 in Queens NY 3rd week September 18th 2011.

Teams participating


Group A:

Mineola Portuguese (Dr. Manning Cup Champion)

NY Pancyprians winner of the CSL

winner of ALLFUT Paraguay Giant


Forest Park Long Island League Champion

EDSL Champion

And Manhattan Celtic winner of the Flamhaft Cup


10:30 Mineola Portuguese VS NY Pancyprians

11:40 NY Pancyprians VS ALLFUT Champion

12:50 ALLFUT Champion VS Mineola Portuguese


10:30 Forest Park LISFL VS EDSL Champion

11:40 EDSL Champion VS Manhattan Celtic CSL

12:50 Manhattan Celtic CSL VS Forest Park LISFL


At: 2:30PM to determine the Champion and the #1 team in ENY for the year 2011



The winner of this tournament will be a finalist for the ENY Open Cup.