Rapaglia Cup 2010

September 19, 2010

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The winner of the 3rd edition of the Sal Rapaglia Super Cup today was the NYC Albania of the Allfut organization

who defeated the Mineola Portuguese (LISFL) in the final by the score of 2-0. The game was close until the last Minute

when NYC Albania scored the second goal

The NYC Albania won their group by defeating the Yonkers Portuguese 2-0 and the NY Pancyprians 1-0.

The other finalist Mineola Portuguese advanced to the final by winning CPR 2- 0 and Westchester Kick 2-0.


Here are the scores for al the games played today

Group #1 

CPR (CS League) 1 Mineola Portuguese (LISFL) 3

CPR CS League) 0 Westchester Kick (EDSL) 2

Mineola  (LISFL) 2 Westchester Kick  (EDSL) 0


Group #2

Yonkers Portuguese (EDSL) 0 NYC Albanians (LISFL) 2

Yonkers Portuguese (EDSL) 0 NY Pancyprians (CSL) 2

NYC Albanians (LISFL) 1 NY Pancyprians (CSL) 0


Sal Rapaglia Super Cup previous winners were

2008 NY Pancyprians of the CSL

2009 Yonkers Portuguese of the EDSL

2010 NYC Albania ALLFUT




A special thanks goes to Alfonso Vargas, Dino Dominguez and Miguel Cuellar for supplying Flushing Meadow

park for this event and to all members of the state board that were present.