U-23 tournament 2011

U-23 Rules application


95 Broadway

Hicksville, n.y. 11801

 April, 2012              


Dear Soccer Enthusiast:

 As summer draws closer many teams are finishing their game schedules, many former players are returning from college. For some, it may be the last year for the team in league competition, for others fond memories of their former team. All the joys of playing with the team  is about to be lost for all time. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep the team together for a few more years?


       Well you can! The Long Island Soccer Football League is about to begin its Ryder Vass U-23 Summer Tournament. It’s the perfect venue to keep your team together. We expect to start in May and end by the end of July, teams play once during the week and once on Sunday. Every team is guaranteed a minimum of 6 games.


       The competition is outstanding! Some of the best college players can be found competing in the tournament. If you are interested in finding out more about the tournament call:


Gus Xikis President (516) 679-8672 days, or

LISFL League Office- (516) 433-1880 Wednesdays & Friday evenings 7-9:45 Saturday 10-2 or leave a message,

Come to the U-23 meeting at the LISFL Office- 95 Broadway, Hicksville, NY, 


                                                                        Yours in soccer


                                                                        Tournament Chairman







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CIRCLE DAYS AVAILABLE FOR USE:  Mon  Tues  Wed  Thurs  Fri  Sat  Sun


Send application & check ( payable to the LISFL) to:


Junior & Senior Affiliated Teams- $400  Unaffiliated Teams- $500.00


LISFL 95 Broadway Hicksville, NY 11081        





DAYS AVAILABLE FOR USE: (circle all days that can be used)

Mon      Tues      Wed       Thurs      Fri       Sat       Sun 


Junior Teams affiliated with a league in the ENYYYSA $400.00

Senior Teams affiliated with a league in the ENYSASA  $400.00

Unaffiliated Teams $500.00

Make checks or money orders payable to LISFL 

Application and check may be sent to:


95 Broadway                                       

Hicksville, N.Y.  11801  



Enrolling a Team

An application to enter a team in the Ryder Vass Tournament can be obtained by:

a) Call or visit the LISFL office during office hours. The office is located at 95 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Hicksville, NY, 11801. Telephone (516) 433-1880.

The fee for entering a junior team affiliated with ENYYSA or a senior team affiliated with ENYSASA is $400. The fee for entering a non-affiliated team is $500.

All tournament teams must be fully insured by the ENYYSA (junior teams) or ENYSSA (Adult Teams) A junior league team with all junior players- players who are registered to a club in a league affiliated with ENYYSA for the Spring 2010 season, that adds even one (or more) senior player-A player over the age 19 or a player who is U-19 but was not registered for the Spring 2010 season, becomes a senior team and must be affiliated with a senior club to pay $400. If not affiliated with a senior club, the fee for the team is $500.

The application must be completed with a check for the full amount made out to the LISFL and sent to  

LISFL   95 Broadway    Hicksville, NY 11801       

After the enrollment form has been received registration materials will be mailed out or can be picked up at the LISFL during normal office hours.

The enrollment form and registration materials may also be picked up at the Tournament Meeting which will be held at the LISFL office, Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 at 8:00 P.M. To receive your registration packet you must bring your check to the Tournament Meeting. Call the LISFL office or Bruce Friedman if you require directions to the league office.

A home field is required to enter the tournament. Teams may be accepted into the tournament without a home field on a case-by-case basis, with the approval of the tournament chairman.

The last day to register a team in the tournament is June 25th, 2011. Teams that are conditionally accepted after that date must pay $550.


Team & Player Registration

Male players must be born after 9/1/89. However, a team may have three male players per team over the age limit. All players must be born before 1995 to play in the tournament. Each team are permitted to have 25 players on their roster.

Players can be added or deleted from the team roster by the authorized club official only.

The last day to delete a player and/or register a player to a team is  .                                                                               Player registrations and deletions must be in writing on the proper registration form signed by the club official designated for the tournament. Player registration must be done during operating hours of the LISFL, and only at the LISFL office located at 95 Broadway in Hicksville; N .Y .At time a team is registered for the tournament, a player roster, filled out in alphabetical order must be submitted along with player registrations.

A pictured ID is required to register a new player. Proof of age such as a prior player pass, photocopy of a birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, etc. must be submitted. A registered, current year junior player-pass from a junior league affiliated with the ENYYSA may be used. No further proof of age is required.

All Ryder Vass Tournament passes may be kept by the team for next years tournament use.

A prior year player pass from last year’s Ryder Vass Tournament may be used.

No further proof of age is required.

A prior Ryder Vass Tournament pass must have a current tournament registration sticker affixed to the back the pass. If a team uses a player pass with no current tournament registration sticker on the back during a game, that team will be thrown of the tournament.

Rules Covering Games

Men’s U-23 Games will be played on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.                                                                     Make-up games will be played on any day possible.

If a game is rained out teams must immediately re-schedule the game. If the teams cannot mutually agree on a date, the tournament chairman will decide on the date. Teams should make every effort to play all their games. An entire team not appearing for any game will forfeit that match and not be eligible to participate in the playoffs.

The supervisor must be called 45 minutes prior to game time in the event there is inclement weather.

All games will start at 6:15 P.M. A 15-minute grace period is allowed.

Normally, the game will be played with two halves of 45 minutes. Equal halves of shorter duration may be played at the referee’s discretion due to darkness, etc.

A maximum of 18 players may be dress for a game. A minimum of 7 players is needed to start a game. Unlimited player substitution in and out is permitted. A LIJSL or LISFL line-up form will be used for each game.

The referee fee of $70 must be paid at the field. Each team will pay the referee $35. Failure of a team to pay the referee fee will result in disqualification from the tournament. If the referee fails to appear, the game must be played. Both teams must agree on a referee. Failure by the teams to agree on a substitute referee will mean a forfeit for both teams. The substitute referee must call the tournament chairman with the results of the game. The substitute referee must send a complete written report for any infractions to the tournament chairman. Each team must supply a referee assistant to assist the referee under FIFA rules.

The away team must call the home team three days prior to the game for confirmation of the game site and directions to the field.

The home team must provide a lined field with corner flags. They must put up and take down the nets. They must furnish the game ball. The away team should also have a ball for use. If there is a conflict with jersey colors, the home team must change jerseys.

The home team is responsible for calling in the score of the game to the supervisor no later than two hours after the game. Failure to call in the score may result in a fine to the home team.


Protests & Red Cards

All protests about games must be made in writing and sent to the Tournament Chairman within 48 hours after the incident. The person designated on the tournament registration form must make the protest. In all protests, the decision of the Tournament Chairman is final.



A win is worth 3 points.    A tie is worth 1 point.   A loss is worth no points.

Ties in the standings for the playoffs are decided on the following basis:

1) Head to Head                                                                                                                                                                                              2) Most wins

3) Fewest Goals Allowed                                                                                                                                         

4) Most Goals Scored                                                                                                                                  

5) Coin Toss





Standings & Playoffs


CLUB_________________________           TEAM____________________________