Streak is over after 17 years

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The LISFL held this tittle from 1993-2010 17 years in a row but Istria came up against a younger stronger oppenent and lost the game 5-2 after being down 4-0 late in to the second half they made a short come back with two goals only to see the title hopes end when Germania scored  another goal to seal the victory. Istria won this cup in 2005, 2006, and 2008.

Past Champions

                   Istria LISFL                                2005            

Istria LISFL                                2006

NY Hota LISFL                          2007            

Istria LISFL                                2008

                South Baisley LISFL                2009            

                South Baisley LISFL                2010



(Started in 1993)

NY Olympiacos LISFL            1993            

NY Hota LISFL                         1994

NY Olympiacos LISFL            1995            

Glen Cove LISFL                     1996

Lindenhurst LISFL                  1997            

Glen Cove LISFL                     1999

Glen Cove LISFL                      2000           

Lindenhurst A LISFL                2001

Lindenhurst A LISFL                2002           

Islip LISFL                                  2003

NY Irish Rovers LISFL             2004