State Cups 2021-2022

State Cups                                                              National Cups

Manning Cup (EPSL and CSL - No LISFL Teams)         Fricker Open Cup (No LISFL Teams)

D'Arpino Cup (Reserve - No LISFL Teams)                  National Amateur Cup

Flamhaft Cup (Premier and Div 1)                             Mengel Cup (O-30)

Strumpf Cup (Div 2)

Marth Cup (O-30)                       

Vargas Cup (O-40)

Winning team must report the game results the day the game is played to, your Cup Supervisor and your league. Failure to do so will result in a $25 fine by ENYSSA.

State Cup Supervisors                                

Chairman – Peter Pinori   646-302-3838

Regional Cups – Bill Marth

Dr. Manning – Mario Treglia   516-626-7807

Flamhaft - Vincent Treglia   516-376-6716

Marth O30 & Vargas O40 – Yuri Fishman   516-965-8248

State Cup Rules

Referee Fees   All referee fees are split 50/50 by home and away team

State Cup Protests   Please do not forget to send a protest fee