This Week in the LISFL - 12/4/16

Glen Cove Over-30 Team after their win in the ENYSSA Marth Cup

12/4/16 - This week in the LISFL saw several teams advance in the final rounds of the ENYSSA and LISFL Cup competitions before the winter break.

ENYSSA Fricker Cup

New York Polet lost 8-1 to Lansdowne Bhoys in the Final of the ENYSSA stage of the USASA Fricker Open Cup. Polet brought a strong team to the game, but they faced a dominant Lansdowne Bhoys team who were determined to demonstrate their intent to win the national championship.

LISFL President Gus Xikis was at the game and said, "We're proud of Polet. They always represent the league well, but Lansdowne were at a different level tonight. If Lansdowne continue to play like they did tonight, they'll represent ENY very well in the regional stages of the competition".

Manning Cup 

A few days later, Lansdowne and Polet met in the semi-final of the Manning Cup and Lansdowne continued their dominant form as they won 4-1 to advance to the Final. Nicholas Bell was the goalscorer for Polet.

East Hampton FC lost 5-0 to New York Shamrocks in the quarter-finals of the Manning Cup.

D'Arpino Cup

New York Athletic Club defeated New York Polet 3-1 in the quarter-finals. Tyler Kahn was the goalscorer for Polet.

Flamhaft Cup

Floral Park lost 2-1 to New York Ukranians in the quarter-finals. Evan Wagner was the goalscorer for Floral Park.

Strumpf Cup

Hicksville Americans SC lost 9-1 in the quarter-finals to Williamsburg International FC.

Marth Cup

Integral Kings lost 3-2 to New York Shamrocks in the Round of 16.

Port Jefferson SC defeated New York Hota Bavarians 3-1 to advance to the quarter-finals where they'll face the Shamrocks. Stanley LaRoche, Peter Ramirez, and Mike Carrozza were the goalscorers for Port Jefferson.

Polonez lost 7-3 to New York Greek Americans in the Round of 16.

Glen Cove Avellino defeated New York Shamrocks Legends 2-1 on goals by Craig Gordon and Marlon McEachnie. With the win, Glen Cove advance to quarter-finals where they'll face New York Greek Americans.

After a 1-1 draw in regulation, New York Polet defeated Baisley United 5-4 on penalty kicks. Zeljko Faraguna scored for Polet during regulation time. With the win, Polet advance to quarter-finals.

Vargas Cup

Baisley United defeated New York Hota Bavarians 7-3 to advance to the Final of the Vargas Cup, which will be played in June. O'Neil Johnson scored a hat trick, while Paul Magsby and Max Rose each scored twice for Baisley. Cheiek Tidiani scored 2 goals and Antonio Alvayero scored 1 goal for Hota.

McKim Cup

Glen Cove Avellino defeated New York Irish Rovers 3-2 to advance to the Final, where they'll face East Hampton FC. James Timmons, Tyler de la Torre, and Scott Embrey each scored a goal for Glen Cove. Mohamed Kaba and Daniel Gutierrez were the goalscorers for Rovers.

Themann Cup

College Point Flames defeated Oceanside United to advance to the semi-finals where they'll face SS Cosma Damiano. Joe Meagher and Tom Garafola were the goalscorers for the firemen.

New York West Indies United defeated Farmingville Portuguese 6-2 to advance to the Final. Ronald Ade scored 2 goals for West Indies, while Fernander Demas, Sardou Figaro, Kevin Pluviose, and Watson Jn Baptiste each scored a goal. Justin Bertone and John Langdon were the goalscorers for Farmingville.

Edwards Cup

Kosmos United CY defeated Port Jefferson Fusion 4-1 to advance to the Final. Rashid Allah Morad, Bryan Lopez, Alexis Escobar, and Khusanboev Zhurabek were the goalscorers for Kosmos, while Jose Gomez scored for the Fusion.

Asteras GCC defeated NYCD Boldest Soccer FC 3-2 to advance to the Final, where they'll face Kosmos. Dimitrios Zervas scored 2 goals and Panagiotis Angelis added a goal for Asteras. Steven Bailey scored 2 goals for the Boldest.

DeLuca Cup

Baisley United defeated Olympiacos New York 4-0 to advance to the Final. Bertram Brown scored 2 goals, while Lennox Townsend, and Paul Hoo Fong added goals for Baisley.

Polonia will be the opponents for Baisley in the Final after they defeated New York Hota Bavarians 2-0. Wieslaw Halon and Dariusz Zielonka were the goalscorers for Polonia.