2010 Joe Goldeberg Indoor Tournament

Joe Goldberg Indoor

Division 1                  Fernabache USA Champion Istria Runner-Up

Division 2,3, Res       Polonez Champion Real Caribe Runner-Up     

O-30 Division            New York Dinamo Champion Polonez Runner-Up 

Joe Goldberg Past Champions
To honor the work of Joe Goldberg the LISFL renamed the indoor tournament in 2008 the annual competition young and old men will meet in friendly rivalry as they strive to win the Joe Goldberg indoor trophy. Joe was founder of the Oceanside Utd. SC. Joe served as league secretary, trustee, indoor committee, league cup committee, arbitration chairman, life member for the LISFL and ENYSHOF Joe is also a life member for the ENYSSA.
Past Champions
Year       Division 1                                 Division 2&3                          O-30 Division
2008       West Babylon                            Mineola Port.                           NYGA Atlas
2009       OB Fenerbahce                          NY Croatia                              Westchester Kicks
2010       OB Fenerbahce                          Polonez                                  NY Dinamo  
Photos by Terry Uellendahl